MLS Teams have very few US players

I can go on and on and on and on and on… then on and on some more about how MLS is phasing out the American player in the MLS. This is a league primarily in the USA for USA-American-born and raised players. Dallas only started 3 Americans in their last game! Give me a break.

This is unacceptable and hurts our national teams who had the following results due to not having as many Americans getting experience in the MLS:
2014 Olympics (failed to qualify)
2014 World Cup (only qualified because they beat Costa Rica in 1 foot of snow)
2016 Olympics (failed to qualify)
2018 World Cup (failed to qualify)

Only 5 out of 11 American players started for Kansas City in their last game in the MLS, less than 50%. But Kansas did play some guys named “Gerso Fernandes” from Guinea-Bissau and “Latif Blessing” from Ghana. Neither of them are well known or experienced international players at the national team level so why are they crowding out American players in America’s pro soccer leauge?

The USA will be back but the American players skills and tactics must be better. Improving MLS could be a start but how? You can buy better foreign players hoping that their skills will help improve the Americans but I don’t see that happening and 1 or 2 players per team won’t improve or raise the level of the league by that much.