Athletes Improve Overall Satisfaction with Life By Meditating

In the book, Create Abundance, author Zhang Xinyue has some advice for athletes:

“Humanity is experiencing a transformation at this moment. We must make a decision for ourselves to undergo repeated cycles of reincarnation in ignorance or to leap into a brand-new form of life.”

Most of us, if asked, would probably say that we do indeed live a balanced life. We spend a portion of our time at work, a portion at home, and a portion on social or fun activities. But we would all probably agree that we could use a few more hours to simply relax and unwind each week. There’s a never-ending list of things to do and never quite enough time to do those favorite pleasurable activities. Many athletes feel a bit guilty if they spend too much time relaxing and having fun.

Doctors tell us that this restful time helps to restore us mentally, physically, and emotionally. Instead of feeling guilty about the time we spend in worry-free enjoyment, we should relish it. We should give ourselves permission to laugh more and appropriate as much time as possible for things like gazing into crystal blue ocean waves.

This is so true for athletes. These times of rest, refreshing and meditation prepare us for the difficult tasks ahead.

Zhang Xinyue believes that athletes can improve their performance and their overall satisfaction with life. She explains:

“The pattern of the past can never bring a new present life. Growth creates the future.”