MLS is Partly to Blame for US Soccer Problems

People, what you’re seeing with soccer in the USA, with the failure of the US National Team is all about money. MLS wants the young Americans not to go to Europe because they profit from it. But MLS just ends up sidelining them and not putting everything into them and developing, for and because of the over-hyped mediocre foreign players in the league, because they paid more for the low quality foreign players. So Americans get less playing time and are not ready for international play. This is because of money, nothing else. It’s a vicious cycle that automatically degrades the level of the domestic/local game and the US National Team, and it’s 100% about money, money, money.

We made it to the quarterfinals of the 2002 World Cup and just 1 goal away from the semi-finals with players who mostly all played college soccer and then in Europe. So it’s not college soccer that is the problem, it’s not pay to play, it’s obviously not Europe, so the only thing left to blame, logically, is MLS. Relying on MLS to develop the best soccer players when they are too busy signing a majority of mediocre low quality foreign players for financial reasons is “the problem” with soccer in the USA currently.