Geoff Cameron slams U.S. Soccer

Wouldn’t Cameron be in a position to know more than commentators on TV? I’ve said all along that my opinion was that the higher ups poisoned the players vs Kman. This essentially broke the team. So Arena, who is a great coach and a true soccer legend, inherited a broken team. This was a team that had been psychologically damaged in order to get rid of Kman who wasn’t cooperating with MLS and selecting MLS players. This is just my educated opinion and I could be wrong. What do I know?

“Cameron recently said that Jurgen Klinsmann would have qualified the U.S. to the World Cup had he not been replaced by Arena. And in a column for The Players’ Tribune on Friday, the defender wrote that Klinsmann believed any promising young American playing in MLS rather than Europe was a “wasted opportunity.”

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Geoff Cameron slams U.S. Soccer for ‘poisonous divide’ between players